Unity Game Design: iOS

LYT was born from the idea of a relaxing endless tap game from the Flappy Bird era. It was a hack-a-thon weekend that Derek, Jeff, Gatlin, and I had at the office and it was never fully completed.

It was a super satisfying game to play as you press and hold the distance between your spiraling lights increases. You can hear us discussing the way your lights life will be diminished as you press and hold.

Before “Storm the Train” was released for iOS I realized there was a lack of quality side-scroller shooters in the App Store.

This is where “Intra” was born. It’s still a work-in-progress but some day, hopefully very soon, I will be releasing this bad boy to the world of mobile gaming.

Developer • Designer
Side-Scrolling Shooter [iOS]
2013 – 2014
LYT Endless Tap • Intra Side Scroller