In order to create this project from the ground up, we dove deep into the product to fully understand its value. It’s interesting when you get to create a video for a product that you are using in order to create the video itself!

Mood board created by Derek Alan Rowe

Initial Storyboard Edit

A finished style comp before animation

Additional angles and poses for character rig : Artist Hanggoro Candra

All angles for master character rig : Artist Hanggoro Candra

Hand design for hand rig

Alternate Scenes were created and many were cut during the process

Style Implemented Story Design Boards

Secondary Design Edit

Initial Design Pitch pulling from online resources

Creative Inspiration pulled from other online videos

Secondary design pass to pitch client

Character animation sample for client approval

Alternate version with different colors and scenes

Design Comps & Storyboard Initial Edit Pitch

Many versions were created until we got where we wanted

Initial Design Comp

Creating the animated PlayStation Streams

Early design comp for SIE team scene

Early design comp to represent product

Design comp to represent product

Everything is 2D so forcing perspective was important

Approval & Review Edit for client

Animated Hand Rig Scene

Early scene animation

Brainstorming and playing with concepts

Concept to Completion: Sony

I am always working hard to bring in projects that allow my team and I to create something that we are proud of. These are the projects that push us to grow stronger as artists and storytellers. It’s wonderful when those opportunities surface.

The incredible teams at Sony PlayStation and Digital Narrative certainly gave us the creative freedom to flourish with this fully animated product launch video.

From the very beginning we were given the opportunity to mold and create this story. From conceptualization, writing, and storyboarding, all the way through illustrating, rigging, animating, editing, sound designing, and delivering international versions.

Co-Director & Lead Animator
Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation Source